اكفل يتيم


Charity is every good deed a person does in his life that he/she reaps the rewards from Allah in Dunya and the hereafter. There are many texts in Quran and Sunnah that encourage doing charity. Al-Khair Foundation has helped its donors in establishing a lot of projects in an everlasting charity manner. This makes it easier for the donor to donate to a cause that multiplies in ajr, insha Allah. These projects benefit the needy by digging wells, building schools and masajid, and even educating students and teaching them how to build income generating projects that can help them and their families.

سقيا الماء
Stock Money Purification
New Born Sacrifice
Alleviate Suffering
Pay a scourge
Clothing the needy
Perpetual Charity
epiation of an unfulfilled Qath
Feeding the needy
Those in debt
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