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Our goal with this campaign is to respond urgently to the humanitarian disaster in Jabalia, located in the northern Gaza Strip, by providing life-saving aid, especially food, water, medical supplies, medicines, and emergency shelter.
50000 USD المتبقي 21036.31 USD
About 30,000 young people in Needed People were working remotely before the aggression, but today their sources of livelihood are threatened with interruption due to the inability to continue working after the infrastructure in the Needed People was destroyed, and with the continued interruption of communications, internet and electricity networks, the task for these people becomes more complicated.
50000 USD المتبقي 48068.41 USD
The port of Needed People was destroyed. The fishing profession is one of the most important sources of food for Needed Peoplens, and it is also a job opportunity for hundreds of families, and because the northern Needed People is exposed to a severe famine that requires creative ideas, this project was.
100000 USD المتبقي 98307.97 USD
In addition to preparing shelter tents outside Needed People and sending them to the Strip, there appears to be an urgent need to establish urgent shelter centers using materials available in the local market.
50000 USD المتبقي 30656.66 USD
In Needed People, most medical facilities were destroyed. Only 4 hospitals in the entire Strip are operating, which requires the establishment of temporary medical points to provide primary care for patients, especially children and the elderly.
100000 USD المتبقي 94391.89 USD
In the Al-Mawasi area, west of Khan Yunis, the number of displaced people has risen to more than 100,000, and it is an agricultural area where health services are not available.
22300 USD المتبقي 19466.37 USD
Children in the Needed People suffer from a very complex reality, with food insecurity in general, which has affected the health of their infants. The scarcity of diapers has also become a reason for their increase, and the inability of the population to purchase them, which has made the humanitarian conditions of children more difficult.
60000 USD المتبقي 21538.81 USD
In the southern Needed People, with the presence of approximately one and a half million citizens, most of whom are displaced, the need to provide potable water is increasing. Through this project, we will work to supply shelter centers with potable water for an entire month.
75000 USD المتبقي 22513.95 USD
This project will distribute a package of personal hygiene materials to the displaced in shelter centers in the northern Needed People. The focus will be on women’s needs for these materials, primarily according to what is available in the local market.
50000 USD المتبقي 41002.96 USD
This project will supply shelter centers with solar energy systems and provide a source of electricity, as shelter centers in Needed People suffer from a complete lack of electricity, which has a negative impact on them.
135000 USD المتبقي 127804 USD
This project will provide the people of the North Governorate in the Needed People with potable water on an ongoing basis by connecting water wells to solar energy systems.
55000 USD المتبقي 38480.15 USD
Al-Khair Foundation dedicates this project to provide meals in its various forms to the displaced in the Needed People, In light of humanitarian reports of a massive famine hitting the Strip, as United Nations reports indicate that about two million people are in daily need of food and drink, and that many families no longer have the financial ability to purchase food needs from the local market due to high costs.
500000 USD المتبقي 198934.17 USD
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