اكفل يتيم

Earthquake Emergency Relief 

200000 $ 193140 $

Zakat is permissible.

Two powerful earthquakes hit southeastern Turkey , killing thousands of people and causing massive damage to tens of thousands of people and families. Casualty numbers are still rising.

Internally displaced people are among the hardest hit, with thousands of families living in informal settlements, tents and partially destroyed buildings. In Turkey, thousands of refugees who have been generously hosted by the country for nearly 12 years have also been affected.

The earthquake destroyed many homes and left significant damage to local infrastructure. Thousands of families are in dire need of shelter and relief materials, especially since the earthquake occurred in light of the severe winter storms that hit the region. They need urgent protection from icy winds, snow and rain.

Tents will be chosen that are resistant to the summer heat and the cold winter. Each tent costs $550 and includes the following:
1- The cost of the tent: 400 dollars.
2- Tent looting: 75 dollars.
3- Heating equipment: $25.
4- Food Items : 50 dollars.

Urgent intervention is required now, and shelter is a top priority.

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50000 $ Remain 43140.070000001 $
200000 $ Remain 193140.07 $
Target 200000 U.S. Dollar
Beneficiaries Number 10000
Implementation Period 1
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