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Emergency Appeal

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Unexpectedly, the escalation in the Besieged Strip has once again flared up, instilling fears and concerns among the civilian population regarding the dire consequences of this escalation. Disturbingly, the Palestinian Ministry of Health has reported dozens of casualties and hundreds of injuries.

In response to the escalating violence, the civilian population residing near the eastern border of the the besieged Strip has been compelled to seek refuge in UNRWA schools, while others have sought shelter with their relatives. The relentless conflict has brought life to a standstill in the Besieged Strip, prompting the Ministry of Education to suspend studies indefinitely. Additionally, government departments and commercial establishments have closed their doors to citizens.

The Besieged Strip, already burdened by an enduring 18-year-long closure and grappling with severe humanitarian conditions, urgently requires comprehensive humanitarian intervention to address its pressing needs. The Al-Khair Foundation, alongside its dedicated field team in the Besieged Strip, remains steadfast in fulfilling its humanitarian obligations towards the citizens of this region, providing them with vital and immediate relief.

At present, our team is diligently working on assembling an urgent aid package, encompassing the following crucial components:

1. Provision of fuel for hospitals and water facilities in the Besieged Strip.
2. Supply of essential medicines and medical consumables to hospitals within the region.
3. Ensuring access to surgical operations for the injured.
4. Distribution of food parcels and hot meals to those in need.
5. Provision of dignity packages, specifically tailored to women's supplies.
6. Distribution of blankets and sponge mattresses to alleviate the suffering caused by the dire conditions.

Your generous donations play a pivotal role in enabling us to fulfill our mission. By contributing, you have the power to save lives and alleviate the immense suffering endured by the citizens of the Besieged Strip. Your donations signify your unwavering response to the urgent plea of these individuals in need.

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