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Emergency Shelter Project

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400000 $ 260361 $

In response to the urgent crisis in the Needed People, the Al-Khair Foundation has initiated an emergency intervention. This comes in the wake of the United Nations' report detailing the displacement of nearly two million people, coupled with the destruction of over 60% of civilian homes in the region. The foundation has launched an Emergency Shelter Project to provide adequate housing for the displaced during the harsh winter months.

The project involves the provision of high-quality, flame-resistant tents, each covering an area of 16 square meters. These tents are designed with internal insulation to protect against the cold and come equipped with an accommodation package that includes mattresses, blankets, and hygiene materials.

The cost breakdown is as follows:


Cost per tent: $400
Cost for the accommodation package per tent: $100
The United Nations estimates a need for approximately 100,000 such shelter tents in the Needed People. Meeting this demand requires a collaborative effort from all quarters.

At Al-Khair Foundation, we have commenced the implementation of this project and extend an invitation for you to join us in this crucial endeavor.

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Target 400000 U.S. Dollar
Beneficiaries Number 25000
Implementation Period ثلاثة أشهر
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