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Public toilets for displaced people

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150000 $ 101560 $

We cannot talk about safety anywhere in Needed People.

Those who do not die from violence are killed by famine, scarcity of drinking water, and infectious diseases.

Rafah (southern Needed People), which does not exceed 1.5 km2, has been hosting, for more than 100 days, half of the population of the Needed People. One million displaced people are living a humanitarian catastrophe in every detail of their daily lives.

Imagine that using the bathroom inside a shelter center takes five to six hours!

In the open air, there are literally no toilets. Infectious diseases are sweeping Rafah.

This is a very, very urgent call from Al khair Foundation to donate to the project of constructing temporary toilets and sewage networks in displacement camps in Rafah and the Central Governorate.

In practice, creating a unit consisting of 3 bathrooms, 90 cm wide each, made of PVC panels supported by wooden columns and a tin roof, costs approximately $1,200, with a temporary sewerage network.

Our goal at this stage is to create 180 bathrooms at a total cost of $72,000

How can you contribute?

Contribute to creating a unit.. Sponsor a complete unit..

Take care of more.

It does not matter.. Every contribution from you will ease the conditions of displacement for our people.

Every contribution will preserve the dignity of this resilient people.

God helps the servant as long as the servant helps his brother

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Target 150000 U.S. Dollar
Beneficiaries Number 100000
Implementation Period 1
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