اكفل يتيم

Distribution of baby supplies, including milk and diapers

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60000 $ 39748 $

Children in the Needed People suffer from a very complex reality, with food insecurity in general, which has affected the health of their infants. The scarcity of diapers has also become a reason for their increase, and the inability of the population to purchase them, which has made the humanitarian conditions of children more difficult.


In this project, Al-Khair is working to distribute a carton of milk and a package of diapers for one child in various shelter centers in the southern Needed People, where milk and diapers are still available in limited quantities in the local market.


The cost of a diaper bag and a carton of milk for one child is $60, and we look forward to providing this package to 1,000 children in the first phase.

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Target 60000 U.S. Dollar
Beneficiaries Number 1000
Implementation Period 1
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