اكفل يتيم

Let us contribute to the treatment of the two children, Safa and Marwa

Health - Lebanon
2600 $ 1462 $

“I feel sad when I hear my daughters saying a word and thinking that people understand them, but the difference in their hearing of sounds causes their speech to be unclear.”

Speech-language therapy and occupational motor therapy sessions have become a luxury that the father of twins cannot afford on a weekly basis.

He is a school bus driver whose income is not enough to cover even half the costs of the sessions!

Our goal is that the economic crisis does not prevent them from accessing treatment, thus deteriorating their condition and losing all the recent progress!

Double the reward of your charity during the days of Dhul-Hijjah, and contribute to reducing the suffering of this family.

We are seeking to provide bail for Safa and Marwa in the amount of $2,600

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Target 2600 U.S. Dollar
Beneficiaries Number 2
Implementation Period 1
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