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Urgent relief - students abroad

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30000 $ 15485 $

In light of the ongoing suffering and the continuation of the conflict the human suffering appears very complex, and it seems that the reality of Needed students studying abroad is casting a shadow with the increase in distress calls that we receive after the breakdown of communication between the students and their families , which made them needy and unable to provide for their daily needs. According to semi-official statistics, the number of Needed students abroad exceeds 6,000 male and female students around the world.

students generally depend on what their parents provide for them in terms of study and accommodation expenses, and with the catastrophic humanitarian events in World and the loss of communication between students and their families, there appears to be an urgent need for humanitarian intervention to help these students and relieve them of the burden of alienation and distance from their families on the one hand, and on the other hand to provide a little of what will help them complete their educational journey.

Accordingly, the idea of the project is to contribute to providing urgent cash relief worth ($300) once to a number of (100) Needed students who have been contacted, to stabilize their complete disconnection from their families , and to identify their basic and urgent needs.

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120000 $ Remain 105484.66 $
Target 30000 U.S. Dollar
Beneficiaries Number 1000
Implementation Period 1
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